Truck Buyer

Truck Fleet Buyer is a large truck dealership group. We have an opening for a Used Truck Buyer . The role of the Used Truck Buyer is to establish wholesale and retail contacts throughout the country for the purpose of purchasing used trucks.

  • Makes personal contacts with users, OEM dealers, independent used truck dealers, leasing companies etc.
  • Establishes a customer base and relationships and handle inbound calls from sellers.
  • Keeps current with wholesale and retail values.
  • Works within the established inventory limit and aging policy dictated by management.
  • Keeps accurate records and prepares reports on all phases of activity.
  • Performs other duties as assigned by supervisor.



  • Knowledge of the wholesale/retail market.
  • Sales and management training.
  • People skills a must.
  • Must possess good work ethics.
  • Must be Company/Team minded.


To apply for the opening please fill out employment application below.